It all began with a belief that India as a nation has the potential to become a great sporting nation on the global stage. We believe that it is our time to rise, to grow, and to cement our place at the top.

With a goal to mobilize India to realize its true potential, SFA has formulated a holistic integrated digital and on ground sports ecosystem that enables us to identify, nurture and empower athletes across all sports. The journey began with the revolutionization of grassroot sports and continues to bring together and empower all stakeholders of Indian sport.

SFA has developed the largest, high impact, multi-sport, level playing platform across 28 disciplines of sport (including 19 Olympic disciplines) in the form of SFA CHAMPIONSHIPS. Through this annual, Olympic-style sports tournament, SFA CHAMPIONSHIPS give young athletes between the age of 6-18 years an opportunity to showcase their talent and realise their true potential. Complete with match videos, data and analytics, SFA CHAMPIONSHIPS empower young athletes and their coaches at an ideal time in their sports journey to further hone their skills and take the next big leap.

SFA’s digital platform SFAPLAY.COM is the one-stop digital destination across age groups for a range of sports training, fitness programs, wellness programs, sports psychology consultations, tournaments, webinars and much more for anyone who loves sport and loves to stay fit and active, thus making sport truly accessible to all. This integrated digital platform offers multiple ways of experiencing sport across age groups, irrespective of gender, physical or sporting ability.

SFA TRAINING CLUB is a one-of-a-kind platform that bridges the knowledge and training gap between specialists, sports academies, international athletes, coaches and current as well as aspiring fitness and sports enthusiasts. Through collaborations with the best service providers in India and across the globe, SFAPLAY.COM brings this experience right to your homes. 

SFA WEBINARS – KIDS, SPORTS & COUNTRY are an initiative to have continuous conversations with the most prominent voices across the sports industry to develop a strong grassroots sports culture in India.

SFA ARENA is your destination for competing with worthy contemporaries from all over the world to claim top honours across a range of virtual competitions.

SFA CONSULTANCY SERVICES cater to strategic planning, deployment and management of large format sports properties, keeping technology at the core for efficient and scalable operations.

SFA TV is a treasure trove of over 2,00,000 minutes of content including match videos SFA CHAMPIONSHIPS held packaged with graphics and data.

SFA was awarded the prestigious FICCI BEST SPORTS START UP AWARD 2018-19 for our work towards radically transforming the sporting experience at the grassroots level and for building a platform that will churn out the future champions for India.

The journey has just begun. Let us unlock our true potential, on the field and in our minds.



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