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Webinar 2:
You Have An Athlete At Home

School athletes and their parents shared their sporting journey and also shed light on maintaining a balance between sport and education

Date: 15 May 2020

Webinar 6:
Our Coaches, Our Heroes

Join us for this special webinar where we talk to the best of our country's coaches and stalwarts, to discuss the ground realities, the need of the hour and the best way to provide our coaches the resources they need to prepare our future champions.

Date: 31 July 2020

Webinar 4:
She Is Gold

Our distinguished all female panel shared their inspiring stories and also shed light on the importance of empowering women in sport.

Date: 12 June 2020

Webinar 1: School Sports Build A Healthy Nation

Professionals from the industry spoke about the need to provide equal importance to sport and how it will impact the nation as whole.

Date: 1 May 2020

Webinar 7: Importance of Sports Psychology in an Athlete's journey - From Grassroots To The Podium

Join our experts as they address the various aspects of sports psychology and its impact on various stages of an athlete’s journey, beginning at a young age right up till they become elite sportsperson.

Date: 21 August 2020

Webinar 5:
Making Of An Olympic Athlete – Fulfilling India's Olympic Dream

Stalwarts from 5 continents of the world shed light on how a nation needs to come together in order to ensure success at the Olympics.

Date: 23 June 2020

Webinar 3:
Importance Of Early Nutrition For Sports Fitness

Expert panelists discussed several aspects of nutrition for young athletes addressed concerns for all those who have an athlete at home.

Date: 22 May 2020

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