Champion's Karate Club

A Self-Defence training program for kids at the beginner, intermediate, & advanced level, focusing on – power, concentration, & stamina. The program will provide Sport, Modern, & Traditional Karate Training with the overall focus on Self-Defence.

Age Group: 5 - 30 Years


Karate is the art of self-defence without the use of any weapon. In fact, it is not just the art of self-defence, but also the solution to all human body problems. Karate helps improve your strength & fitness, mental conditioning, overall immunity, & body posture.

This is a specialized online training program by Champion's Karate Club. Following is a brief schedule followed during a daily 1-hour session:

1. Meditation.
2. Warm-up & Stretching.
3. Fitness Training.
4. Skill Training.
5. Cool Down.

The exercises are very interesting and uniquely designed for Home & Online training sessions. One does not require any external equipment. Join the course today to stay fit & healthy!


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