Continuum: Physiotherapy & Rehab

Professional physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, ensuring a safe, effective, and durable outcome from your injury.

Age Group: 6 to 18 years

Paid Demo/Consultation session available on request


Hate missing out on your favourite sporting activities due to an injury? Yes, injury is a part of every athlete’s journey. But you need someone to ensure you’re not sitting out for too long. Introducing Continuum Services – a Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre. With some of the best physiotherapists in town, Continuum ensures a safe, effective, and durable outcome from your injury. Continuum believe in the concept of “BODY AS WHOLE” and work on the entire kinetic chain to fix the potential source of the symptom, rather than just treating a symptomatic error. They have created programs to treat existing or past injuries, to prevent future injuries, and to enhance your sports performance taking injuries into consideration.
Get rid of those injuries and take your game a notch above with Continuum.


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