Elevatte Fitness

A health & fitness program that provides holistic & sport-specific quality training to multiple age-groups. Receive highly professional guidance, that will boost your general fitness and performance on the field.

Age Group: 13 to 50 years


A virtual training program focused on building and maintaining a foundation for a fitness-oriented lifestyle, that includes different modalities of exercise training, related to mobility, cardiovascular health, overall strength, and bodily awareness.

The program is divided into two age groups.

Age Group: 13 -21

Elevatte Fitness helps athletes develop sport-specific & overall physical preparedness and instils athletic qualities in them. On a virtual live training set-up, the team of Strength & Conditioning coaches serve the athletes the best quality of performance-based training, including interactive, condensed, and technically sound training sessions.

Age Group: 22 – 50

Elevatte Fitness aims to help individuals get into the shape of their lives. This group program is based on real-time interaction and guidance by professional coaches from Team Elevatte. All sessions will be highly scalable, depending on the individual’s experience & proficiency in performing the exercises.

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