Jaini Nandu

An individualised Sports Psychology training program to improve your performance and enhance your mental well-being. Join the programme today and build your mental strength to overcome pressure, face challenges, build confidence and enhance motivation to excel in your sport and other spheres of life.
Age Group: 12-25


This program includes strategies like relaxation techniques, goal setting, visualization, communication strategies, identifying irrational beliefs, etc.
This program helps an athlete in the following areas:

• Dealing with competition fears
• Controlling emotions
• Increasing self-awareness
• Return to sport after injury
• Improve mental skills that enhance performance
• Mentally prepare the athlete for competitions
• Develop pre-game & pre-shot routines
• Boosting self-confidence & intrinsic motivation
• Attain correct zone of arousal
• Optimising attention & concentration
• Coping with pressure
• Bounce back after failures
• Holistic development & mental well-being


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