Live It Up with Tonisha Pawar

A holistic developmental fitness program for kids where fun and fitness go hand in hand.

Age Group: 6 to 60 years


At Live It Up the mission is to empower children to lead an enriched life. To attain this, a team of experts and mentors will work with your kids every step of the way on their journey to grow and achieve new highs by focusing on MOVEMENT/POSTURE / BALANCE and BEING- FIT.

The founder of LIVE IT UP, Tonisha Pawar, is quickly becoming a popular name among those looking to make lasting changes to their well-being and lifestyle. Her infectious energy and "can do" attitude is a huge draw for those who interact with her. Her innate belief rests on the foundation that to feel good, the body has to feel healthy and fit. Her personal fitness journey and results from her extensive Pilates training at Balance Body USA are the testament to this belief. While most clients may start their journey at LIVE IT UP with Pilates training, they stay on to make overall lifestyle changes. Tonisha's mantra is "wellness from within"


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