EAT. PLAY. PERFORM. An athlete needs a scientific & individualized approach to understand his/her food requirements. The right nourishment will compliment the training and help achieve peak performance. Join MEALpyramid’s online nutrition consultation program and develop a healthy lifestyle to perform at an optimum level.

Age Group: All age groups


• Personalized Nutrition Programs : For health, performance and weight-management. These programs utilize the latest Human Performance science, translated into simple plans to fit a busy lifestyle.
• Sports Nutrition: Considering a single athlete’s peculiarities, it’s imperative to prepare tailored nutritional plans that correlate to the athlete, the sport, the competition phase, off-season, on-season and the goals surrounding these phases.

• Muscle Gain: To achieve muscle gain and target body composition through scientific calculations of macronutrients complimenting an individual fitness program helps attain body transformation.
• Blood Report Analysis.
• Recall: Measurements, diet feedback, diet diary, etc. with the nutritionist.
• One on one consultation.


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