Mitali Ambekar

A Sports Nutrition program for athletes of all age groups across all sports, focusing on performance enhancement and overall growth of an athlete through lifestyle coaching & nutritional guidance, whilst stressing on a balanced, healthy, and sound diet.

Age Group: 6 – 60 Years


Introducing Mitali Ambekar, a Sports Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach from Mumbai with a career spanning over 10 years. Mitali has completed her PG diploma in Sports Science & Fitness Nutrition and has received a certificate from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Doping in Sports. She herself is a National level Rifle Shooter and a District level Basketball player.

During the sessions, Mitali will guide the athletes efficiently by stressing on the importance of a balanced, sound and healthy diet. This program helps athletes of all age groups attain their fitness and sports results through professional and effective nutritional guidance.

Here’s a brief plan of the program –

A)Analysis: The following information will be noted prior to commencement.
1) Questionnaire
2) Body Measurements
3) Routine History
4) Tangible Goal
5) Blood test (if need be)

B) Interactions: Meetings, Calls, Chats
1) One diet plan for each month.
2) Tweak existing plan after 15 days, basis the changes felt.
3) Follow up each weekend
C) Progress
1) Body composition - muscle and fat content.
2) Improve fitness levels & overall performance.
4) Follow up sports-specific tests, if required.


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