My Cricket Turf

Cricket is not just about throwing the ball well and hitting sixes, it is about the overall development of the participant, which makes her/him a player. My Cricket Turf joins hands with its participants with the same motive and transform them from the very roots, through interactive and fun filled sessions, at a beginner or intermediate level.

Age Group: 8-16 years


The program provides premium training, be it online or offline and work closely with the participants in improvising their overall development. The sessions begin with warm up exercises, followed by stretches and then the basics of cricketing skill- batting, bowling, wicket keeping and fielding.

The participants are also given drill demonstrations, that help them practice and corrections. The session is cooled down with warm down exercises, and the participants’ progress is analyzed post the sessions and the corrections are suggested, which is later tested through bi-weekly fitness tests. Mental conditioning and tactical hours are also included in the program, keeping in mind the psychological fitness of the participant.


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