PA Yoga Studio

A mother and daughter duo, who refer themselves as Yoga Siromanis and are trained from International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Kerala, bring to you the traditional yoga classes, tailored to make each yoga session exciting and unique. They believe in dedicating their lives to spreading mindfulness and health- by helping them connect to both the community and themselves.

Age Group: 18-60 years


The sessions are organized virtually over skype, where the participants are given the complete choice to whether keep their cameras on or off, as and how they feel comfortable.

The participants are recommended to maintain a 3-4 hours of gap between their meal and the session and are advised to not practice yoga if they are having any illness that might drain their energy. A bath before and after the session might refresh one’s soul and body. The participants shall respect their body while they are practicing and not go beyond what it allows them to.

Some postures and lifts are advised to be avoided when women are menstruating and everyone is suggested to not drink more than two sips of water in between the session. In case of injuries the participants shall consult their doctors and be aware of their physical limits before they register for the sessions.

The coaches pay personal attention to each of the participant to ensure their progress and fulfilment of goals. They aim to inspire the upcoming generation to incorporate yoga in their lives.


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