Rich Heritage Yoga Centre

Yoga a day keeps the doctor away!
Yes, that’s true! Yoga is said to be one of the most important exercises one can do to stay fit. It has no age limit, and hence should be done by all age groups. Join the Rich Heritage Yoga Centre for an amazing experience today!

Age Group: 8 - 55 Years


Intending to provide quality Yoga training to individuals, Rich Heritage Yoga Centre started in 2015.

Following are the brief program highlights:

1) Improve Strength, Endurance and spine Flexibility through Asana practice.
2) Body balance through concentration and focus techniques.
3) Improve and harness the true potential of body organs and lung capacity.
4) Detox program through Yogic Cleansing processes.
5) Anger and Stress management through Pranayama and Dhyana.
6) Mantra sessions for calmness.
7) Final Pressure handling skills through Pratipakshabhavanam.
8) Improve overall mental health through Meditation program.
9) Guided relaxation and sound sleep through Yoganidra and Shavasana.


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