SaJa Taekwondo Academy

A Taekwondo & Self Defence training program for kids at the beginner & intermediate level, focusing on – power, concentration, & stamina.

Age Group: 5 to 20 Years


“We do not build the future for you. WE BUILD YOU for the future.” - A motto followed by Team SaJa Taekwondo Academy.

Known as Ancient Martial Art, Taekwondo is one of the hardest combat sports. Originated in South Korea, this Korean Martial Art for self-defence is one of its kind. The sport is based on kicks, since the leg has more muscles than the hand, hence making it a more impactful than the hand. There are over 200 types of kicks used in the sport.

Join SaJa Taekwondo Academy for the most professional online training today. Get trained by experienced instructors and take your game a notch above the rest. Students who go on to qualify for District, State & National level will receive sports quota during college admissions. REGISTER NOW!


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