Sanika Divekar

An online Mental Training & Sport Psychology program for athletes across all sports, which will help athletes get an insight and work on their mental fitness. Thus improve their overall performance.

Age Group: 12 to 25 years

Paid Demo/Consultation session available on request


Sanika Divekar is an independent Sport and Exercise Psychologist. She is a British Psychological Society registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, and also a Graduate Basis Chartered Member of the BPS. She works with all sports – team and individual, as well as Indian and international athletes. She pursued her MSc. in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Brunel University, London and is now amongst the very few qualified sport psychology consultants in India. Being a former national table tennis athlete gives her the edge to understand and mentally train athletes.

During this special program, across multiple sessions, Sanika will understand an athlete’s mindset, work on his/her mental skills to enhance the athletic performance, and at the same time focus on the overall development of a child. She will work with athletes to help them develop strategies to improve their athletic performance in the competitive setup and this process is called “Mental Training” or “Psychological Skills Training.” This online mental training program will help athletes gain an insight into their level of mental fitness. Athletes with develop mental training skills like goal setting, self-confidence, motivation, focus, relaxation, amongst others through this program. Through this one-on-one consultation, athletes will surely see performance enhancement.



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