Taekwondo Plus Beginner Program

Online program by national level champion, Hardik Unadket, for developing fitness, discipline and self-defence through Taekwondo.

Age Group: 5 to 16 years


As the name suggests, this is more than just Taekwondo. The idea is to take to new horizons and bring in innovations apart from regular professional coaching. The program was built with the concept of using the art of Taekwondo for self defense, fitness and wellness workouts. Founder of Hardik Unadket’s Fitness Academy - H.U.F.A. Taekwondo Plus, Hardik Unadket, has been coaching since 2003 and possesses in-depth knowledge of Taekwondo. Winner of national level championships, a gold medalist and achiever of a black belt at a very young age of 14, Hardik Unadket is an ace Taekwondo expert and instructor in Mumbai, India.

Taekwondo Plus not only enables one to be self-sufficient when it comes to fitness and self-defense, but also to be disciplined and focused. A nation which is disciplined and focused automatically goes a long way. With personal supervision and ensured expertise, you not only get to learn a form of martial arts but along with it, gain confidence, learn to manage your weight and also attain increased concentration.


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