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“The body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul
to reside in.” Yoga therapy helps you to remove the toxicants from
your body  and find a balance that leads to healthy and long life.
Join the yoga therapy program by Shashi Sarda and live life to the

Age Group: All age groups


Yoga Therapy aims to make you disease-free by treating you on
all levels - physical, mental and emotional. How you feel
emotionally directly affects how you feel physically. 
The therapist understands the emotional cause behind the
physical discomfort, then addresses it by providing effective
counselling leading to a shift in mindset.
• The physical problem is also addressed directly through yoga,
pranayama and meditative techniques.
• Problems like chronic pain, diabetes, anxiety, palpitations,
hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, weakness, obesity,
and much else can be effectively helped through the Yoga Therapy
and Counselling.
Know your coach:
Shashi Sarda:
•        Certified yoga instructor specialising in therapy yoga.
•        Diploma in psychology and a certified yoga counsellor.
•        Integral Chakra Psychology Certification Course.
•        Facilitating and heading the International day of Yoga event
at the Governor’s house in Mumbai.
•        Closely associated with the Yoga Institute in Mumbai.
•        Conducted several workshops, lectures and courses for
various NGO’s, Corporates and Women’s organizations.


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