Yoga with Asmita Vadnere

Asmita Vadnere is a Hatha Yoga trainer by passion and a legal consultant by profession. She believes yoga brings in the feeling of contentment and true happiness for her. Her yoga journey started in 2016, and she has seen tremendous changes within herself since- from feeling confident to dealing with people, yoga has helped her come a long way. She wishes to share her learnings and sacred journey with everyone through her program.

Age Group: 14 Years and Above


The program will specifically help women suffering from PCOS manage their lifestyle through therapeutic yogic techniques. Her 7-day workshop will not just help women deal with the syndrome but will enhance their awareness about what is happening to their body.

Specific asanas will be taught that help in dealing with PCOS, and the participants will also be guided about the dietary changes they shall implement. The woman who has any of the PCOS related symptoms are recommended to sign up for the program. Prevention is not waiting for something bad to be happen, it's about preventing it at the very first place.


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