Yoga with Romeo Mahato

Romeo Mahato is pursuing level III of Ananda Kriya Yoga course and has been conducting online yoga sessions for beginners & intermediates on Instagram & Facebook live from March 2020. He has conducted yoga workshops in multiple cities in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, USA & Bali and is also a Yoga & Meditation teacher for a New Zealand based app called MYYodaa. He designs custom yoga-based workshops for group of people.

Age Group: 18-65 years


The program will offer Yoga Therapy, Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Bandha, Mudra & Cleansing. For beginners it will focus on Mobility, Breathing, Meditation & Principles of Yoga Therapy and for intermediate the focus will lie on Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Breathing, Meditation & Principles of Yoga Therapy

Among the styles of teaching, Hatha and Astanga will be used, and special yoga techniques will be offered to the participants with various health conditions.


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