Determined to propel India to its rightful place of sporting glory, we start from the ground up. Sports For All provides children with exposure to a multitude of sports in a professional athletic environment and empowers them with an ecosystem that hones their talent.

We offer every child a pro-athlete experience and have levelled the playing field through our tech-enabled Multi-Sports Championships and IPs. A system that brings schools, athletes, coaches on one platform and breeds champions both on and off the field.

SFA Championships- Where legends are born

India’s largest inter-school sports championships, where contingents battle it out to be ranked the No.1 School for Sports. The annual sports tournament brings an unparalleled sporting experience on-ground and fuels athletes with match videos, statistics and online records via SFA Play, to kindle historic local rivalries everywhere.


Professional Sporting Experience


Access To 30+ Sporting Categories


Athlete Sports Profiles


Certified Officials


Live Scores Updates


Professional Match Videography


school ranking table


School Sports Profiles


World Class sports Arena


India’s largest multi-sports school championship, now in your city!


Champions on the rise
SFA Champion UK
Aaditri Bhardwaj
Medals Won: 5
SFA Champion Pune
Iqra Shahjihan
Medals Won: 3
SFA Champion Hyderabad
Krishna N Alaka
Medals Won: 4
SFA Champion Hyderabad
Rishikesh Varma
Medals Won: 4
SFA Champion Hyderabad
Sai Nihar B
Medals Won: 6
Vritti Agarwal
Yepuri Ravindranath
Y Vishwak Reddy
Medals Won: 4

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A milestone in their journey to greatness

Shining the spotlight on our superstar athletes, and their unshakeable quest for podiums.

SFA HKU Karate Girls

Karate Girls, Uttarakhand


Chopping down every hurdle on their way, the ambitious Karate girls from Uttarkashi are ready to go for glory.

SFA HKU Nikhil

Nikhil, Uttarakhand


His aim is set on the bullseye, and nothing less than winning an Olympic medal for his country will do for young Nikhil!

SFA Shivamtika

Shivamtika, Hyderabad


No journey to greatness is easy, and the setbacks are what makes Shivathmika determined to reach the pinnacle of her sport!

SFA Sonia Taekwondo

Sonia, Mumbai


A Gold winner in Taekwondo, Sonia wants to make India proud at international championships.

SFA Anjali Athletics

Anjali, Mumbai


From running without shoes to winning multiple medals, Anjali and Praveen are the face of grit and determination.

SFA Siraj Athletics

Siraj, Mumbai


Siraj has already won a Gold medal at the State level. His dream is to now win at the National level.

SFA Seema Boxing

Seema, Mumbai


Watch Seema’s inspiring journey to winning a gold medal in boxing despite facing financial hardships.

SFA Shreya Judo

Shreya, Mumbai


A budding Judo champion, her love for sports keeps her going despite challenges.


Discover the top-performing schools at the SFA Championships

The best schools participate in huge numbers, embrace their rivalries and encourage their students to participate, compete and win the top honours.

Be the best sporting school in your city

Check your school’s performance in SFA championships

The SFA Championships

experience from the stands

As a working parent, I prioritized extracurriculars. Both daughters embraced archery, leading Anvita to top ranks nationally and in the state. Nitin Ambore's guidance fueled their passion; Anusha now competes nationally too.
Girish Shegavi

Parent of Anusha Shegavi (Archery)

Thrilled for SFA Championships, a fantastic initiative with excellent arrangements, keeping kids' efforts high. Excited to participate and support SFA's commitment to sports.
Priyesh Nagar

Father of Navya Nagar (Squash)

I'm delighted by my son's success, and I appreciate SFA for offering a platform not only for outdoor sports but also for indoor activities like carrom, speedcubing, chess, etc. This prepares kids well for future Championships.
Preeti Jain

Mother of Adi Jain (Carrom)

Swimming is a cherished family passion, embraced by both daughters. We're committed to supporting their sporting journey as long as it brings them joy. Attending the SFA Championships, we advocate continual encouragement for young athletes.
Avni and Arjun Shetty

parents of Shetty sisters (Swimming)

Remarkable moments, captured

Years of sports training leading up to the moment the bell rings, the ribbon is torn, your opponent is down, and glory is upon you.

Football, Jaipur
Football, Hyderabad
Badminton, Hyderabad
Volleyball, Hyderabad
Badminton 2023
Badminton, Hyderabad
SFA Jaipur Kabaddi 2023
Badminton, Hyderabad
SFA Hyderabad Football 2023
Football, Hyderabad


Franchise owners,

Build your team on data, not on guts!

Franchise owners, Build your team on data, not on guts!

SFA helped us in finding talent for our Mumbai Indians junior team. They are our go to partner for all of our talent hunt programs at grass root level”

Ethan Hunt,

Chief Talent Scout, Mumbai Indians

The SFA has the experience, expertise, and access to technical data of more than 22,000 athletes across 40 different sports.

Our unique position enables us to assist you early on with building talent for your sports franchise. The best of the coaching staff and sports management teams weigh the athletes based on their performance so you have a data-driven pool of talent.

The days of building a team based on gut feeling and one-off performances are over.

Let us help you in building your future champion team.

for everything Sports

SFA Is Creating A Unified Multi-Sport Platform.

Looking to Create Your Own Unified Sports IP? Build Your Own Platform With SFA’s 

Conceptualization, Training, And On-Ground Execution Enabled By Technology.

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Read the latest news, coverage of sports tournaments in India and all the goings on in sports.

Hear from the greats of the game

"Incredible initiative! So excited to be part of the journey. Cricket has always received the glory that all sportsmen in our country from across sports deserve. SFA stands for this revolution in Indian Sport."

Rohit Sharma

Indian international Cricketer

"This is the most electrifying competition that I have ever been to."

Sandeep Sejwal

Indian Swimmer

"What SFA is trying to create by targeting schools is that sports and education can go hand-in-hand. We are not only trying to make champions, we are trying to make holistic human beings."

Somedev Devvarman

Former Indian Tennis Player

"This is a massive event wherein all sports are played"

Atanu Das

Indian Archer

"SFA is trying to improve the grassroots level of development for sports coming from the age of 3-18 years of age. This kind of movement improves national integration. Sports teaches life skills and evolves the personality. Regarding this coach program ini"

Dr. Ravi Shankar

Sports Officer - Archery Coach, Telangana state sports school

"All Indian athletes should participate in the SFA Championship since it offers a variety of sporting opportunities that can be beneficial to one's future. Thus, kindly join them on their journey and lend your support"

Kamlesh Nanavati

Vice President of Swimming Federation of India, Ahmedabad

"Thank you for all your help, support to organize the Online Inter-House Chess Tournament at DPS Bangalore East. Our students and parents had a great time. The event was a credit to SFA. Congratulations. What a fantastic couple of days."

S. Ganesan

HOD - Sports - DPS Bangalore

"It's a great event and inculcates the true spirit of sports, which is very essential"

Arif Zakaria


"A multi-discipline system like SFA is a true test of honor and ability of a school."

Gaurav Kapur

Sports Anchor & Passionate Supporter of Indian Sport

"This initiative encourages young people to participate, and that's the point"

Hansal Mehta

Film director

"You are really lucky and I hope you make full use of this opportunity."

Tapsee Pannu


"I was blown away by what SFA is doing for this community and for these children"

Ronald Simms Jr

Boxing Coach, Inspire Institute of Sport


"My children are very much into judo and I think it's fabulous what SFA is doing."

Farah khan

Film director

Hear from the greats of the game

SFA Saina Nehwal
This is a fantastic Championship because I can see so many girls here & all of them are interested in sports and it is amazing to see the interests changing.
Saina Nehwal
Indian Badminton Player
SFA Abhinav Bindra
Indian sport requires a platform at the grassroot level and SFA is doing a fantastic job promoting youth sports. The passion that I see in athletes is incredible.
Abhinav Bindra
Olympic Athlete
SFA Harbajan Singh
I am amazed to see talent across 25+ sports. Athlete statistics in just one click, a feature only available to pro athletes!
Harbhajan Singh
Indian Cricketer

Got any SFA sports championship queries? We’ve got you.
All the questions answered right here for you.

How will participating in the SFA Championship help me as a Student?

SFA, through its Championships, provides an equal platform to players in over 28+ sports to show their sporting talent. SFA Championships aim to enhance the sports training experience of every school Student by providing them with:

  • Professional Standard Infrastructure & Equipment
  • Certified and quality Match Officials and Referees through Sport Associations
  • Fully equipped medical stations and physiotherapists in each sporting arena
  • Sports Education seminars, workshops and clinics
  • A digitally integrated system on our website www.sfaplay.com with detailed statistics and record

*Refer to Registrations T&Cs (Terms & Conditions)

Can I participate in multiple sports at the SFA Championship 2023-24?

Yes, SFA is a multi-sport Championship that provides Students with a platform to explore their sporting prowess across multiple sports.

How many sports will be conducted at the SFA Championships 2023-24?

SFA Championships 2023-24, is a multi-sports Championship which will see 28+ sporting disciplines across
cities. They are:

  • Individual Sports: Archery, Athletics (Individual & Relay), Chess, Carrom, Fencing Shooting, Skating,
    Swimming (Individual & Relay), Gymnastics, Speedcubing.
  • Combat Sports: Boxing, Fencing Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Yogasana, Youth MMA
  • Racquet Sports: Badminton (Singles & Doubles), Table Tennis (Singles & Doubles), Tennis (Singles & Doubles),
  • Team Sports: Basketball, Football, Handball, Hockey, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Water Polo, Kho-Kho,

How do I register for a sport?

A Student can register for a sport by choosing the sport of his/her choice while filling the registration form. The registration of the participant for his/her sport will be confirmed only once the payment and verification is complete. In case of Team sports, your selection in a team will be at the sole discretion of the school coach/authority

What are the age groups for each of the sports?

SFA Championship 2023-24 allows participation from students between age groups 3 to 18. However, age groups vary from sport to sport as advised by respective sporting associations and federations.

Can Students from schools outside of the city participate in the SFA Championship?

This Championship is for schools and students from the city. SFA will be conducting similar school championships in other states & cities very soon.

What is the registration fee for Students to participate in the SFA Championship?

The Student Registration Fee for SFA Championship is as follow:

    student – Rs.499 /- Inclusive of GST
  • OTHER INDIVIDUAL SPORTS (INCLUDES DOUBLES) per event: Rs.799 /- Inclusive of GST


Who is eligible to participate in SFA PLAY?

All schools, co-ed and non-co-ed, are invited to participate in the SFA Championship across all sports.

What kind of support is provided to young athletes under SFA PLAY?

Sports For All (SFA) Play offers comprehensive support to young athletes, revolutionizing their approach to sports training and tournaments. The platform assists young athletes in achieving success from a young age by providing:

  • Tech-enabled multi-sport platform
  • Grassroots competition platform 
  • Access to technical data of 22,000+ athletes across 40 different sports
  • Annual sports tournaments
  • Corporate Sponsorship by Viacom18 and Playfly

Through these initiatives, SFA Play aims to fuel the passion for sports among young athletes and contribute to their overall development.

How do I join district level sports through SFA PLAY?

To join district-level sports through SFA Play, follow these steps:

  • Registration: Visit the official website at www.sfaplay.com and look for the registration section. Follow the online registration process, which is quick and paperless.
  • Explore Events: Once registered, explore the various sports events and championships organized by Sports For All (SFA). Choose the district-level sports event you are interested in participating in.
  • Participation Criteria: Understand the eligibility criteria for the district-level sports event. Different events may have specific requirements, so ensure you meet the necessary criteria for participation.
  • Training and Preparation: Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the selected sports category. Regular training and practice are essential to enhance your skills and performance.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on announcements and updates on the SFA Play platform. Information regarding district-level sports events, schedules, and venue details will be communicated through the platform.

By following these steps, you can actively participate in district-level sports organized by SFA Play and have the opportunity to showcase your athletic prowess.

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